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The Story of Ellegala

Our founding surgeon started a nonprofit based on the principle that Tanzanians should be primarily responsible for providing medical care to their countrymen…. Bartelme, a three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist… tells the story of Ellegala and his personal and professional triumphs and struggles.”

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Healthy habits after back surgery

Long-lasting results require hard work. Recovery from spine surgery is no different. Exercise and nutrition are essential to optimal healing and a return to a pain-free life.

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A surgeon’s guide to spine health

Our society is used to warning signs – sirens, engine lights and smoke alarms. The body sends warnings too, but instead of flashing lights, we often experience neck or back pain.

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Sonospine® plus physical therapy: a winning combination

For patients battling chronic back pain, surgery should always be the last line of defense. Even the best surgery is only half the battle, said neurosurgeon Dilan Ellegala, MD. Connecting with the right spine focused physical therapist and following through on guided spine-strengthening exercises after surgery makes the difference.

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Who is a Candidate for Outpatient Spine Surgery?

There is a common theme among individuals living with chronic back pain: “I want my life back.” SonoSpine® surgeons hear it over and over. These individuals are desperate to get better and live without pain.

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Managing back pain with injections

Injecting steroid medications directly into the back is a common treatment for low back pain. According to, some low back pain relief “may be long lasting and some may only be temporary,” depending on the type of injection.

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Signs and Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis

Exercise is essential for the young and especially the young at heart. Age causes wear and tear on the body and if activity decreases, the opportunity for spine deterioration rises. Central spinal stenosis or spinal stenosis is a common problem caused by age.

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Are You Missing Tee Time Due to Sciatica?

For the avid golfer, rain, sleet or snow is likely the only way to keep you away from the green. However, if you suffer from sciatic nerve pain, you might be all too familiar with just how painful the twist required in the follow through of your golf swing can be.

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Sonospine® Announces YouTube Channel Launch

SonoSpine®, an international neurosurgical practice, is revolutionizing spine surgery by utilizing safe and effective ultrasound technology. We are proud to share our YouTube channel, where informative videos and testimonials will help inform your healthcare decisions. We believe patients should be educated, have access to the most advanced technology available, and partner in their continued care.

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