Privacy Policy

Safeguarding your privacy is important to us. SonoSpine LLC has produced this online privacy statement to disclose what information is collected when a person visits our website. It also discloses why we collect information and what we do with it. This statement applies only to information collected through the website.

Types of Information Collected by Our Website

When you browse our website, we do not collect personally identifiable information (PII) such as your name, physical address, telephone number or e-mail address. However, we may track how our website is used by collecting and temporarily storing information including:

The domain name from which you access our site
Your IP address
Information about your operating system and browser
Time and date of your visit
Pages that you visited
URL of the website that connected you to

When you become a registered user on our site, subscribe to SonoSpine LLC publications, purchase SonoSpine LLC products, apply for SonoSpine LLC membership, participate in online surveys, request information or materials, and submit questions or comments to our site, SonoSpine LLC may collect PII including:

Telephone number
Date of Birth
Billing and delivery information
Email address
Credit card information
Demographic information

Each online form is formatted to clearly show which pieces of PII we are collecting.

Why We Collect Information

SonoSpine LLC collects information from website visitors through the use of cookies and transparent electronic images including clear GIFs, Web beacons, Web bugs and spotlight images to better understand how visitors utilize our website. Collected data helps us to analyze which information is most helpful to visitors so that we can constantly make our website more informative and user-friendly. Also, collected data allows us to personalize the user experience and to offer targeted benefits and features based on user browsing habits. We also collect some information through banner advertisements on our website. At no time does SonoSpine LLC knowingly solicit data from or market online to children under the age of 13.
In addition, storing information enables registered users to browse restricted areas of the site without re-registering. It also allows users to access the site without submitting a user ID or password. Finally, collecting information contributes to our website security.


SonoSpine LLC utilizes three types of cookies including short-lived cookies, persistent cookies and long-lasting cookies. Cookies are required both for e-commerce and members-only portions of our website.

Third Parties

Third Parties utilize three types of cookies including short-lived cookies, persistent cookies and long-lasting cookies. Cookies are required to interact with our web services. Our partners may collect non-personal information like your IP address, device ID, shopping behavior, and information about your browser or operating system. We may share information about you such as your email or other identifier with our partners. If we do, we always share it in a non-human-readable form to ensure the security of your information. Our partners may combine our personal and non-personal information about you with information from other sources, and may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser in an effort to help us communicate better with you via Email and direct mail retargeting. Technologies other than http cookies may be used by third parties in a similar way to recognize the email recipients’ computer or device and to keep track of which user identities match to which devices or browsers, and those technologies may not respond to browser settings that block conventional cookies. To learn more about how to opt-out of these services, please visit:

To opt-out of BouncePilot’s services, please go to http://BouncePilot.com/opt-out.
To opt out of LiveRamp’s services, please go to http://www.liveramp.com/opt_out.
To opt-out of third party cookies, please go to http://www.aboutads.info/choices.
To opt-out of the use of your mobile device ID for targeted advertising, please see http://www.aboutads.info/appchoices


By clicking the button, you will leave the sonospinesurgery.com website and will be redirected to upload your MRI to our provider.

Our Practitioners’ MRI review is an informational review of the MRI images and/or report that you provide to us. , This is not a form of diagnosis, treatment, correction, prevention or medical care. As such, the Practitioner’s MRI review should not be used as a determinant factor in any person’s physical or other health care, health treatment or health maintenance. No information provided by or through the Practitioner’s MRI review should ever be considered a substitute for any professional health care services, and you should consult with one or more appropriately licensed, registered and certified physicians, surgeons or other health care professionals for the same. In arranging for a Practitioner to provide an MRI review, neither Sonospine® nor that Practitioner assumes any responsibility whatsoever, nor shall Sonospine® or such Practitioner in any event or under any circumstances be liable in relation to your decision concerning your health care, health treatment or health maintenance, including without limitation any actions that you choose to take as a result of the Practitioner’s MRI review. A diagnosis and a final determination of whether you may benefit from treatment at Sonospine® can only be made after you have been physically examined in person by one of our Practitioners.