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The Difference Between a Herniated Disc and Bulging Disc

Discs are the cushions between the vertebrae in the spine. They are made up of cartilage - soft cartilage on the inside with an outer layer of tough cartilage. The 23 vertebral discs in the back have three main roles: to act as a shock absorber, to allow for spinal...

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Spinal Stenosis: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

What is Spinal Stenosis? The spine consists of bones called vertebrae. The job of these bones is to provide stability and support for the upper body. Nerves run through the openings in the vertebrae and transmit signals from the brain to the rest of the body. If the...

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Features on Dr. Mohamed Abdulhamid, MD of Sonospine

Dr. Mohamed Abdulhamid is the president of Sonospine Arizona and focuses on minimally invasive, non-fusion same-day outpatient spine procedures that allow faster healing and recovery and return to work and activities. Learn more in these features on Dr. Abdulhamid....

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The Washington Times Special Report

Recently SonoSpine was featured in The Washington Times Special Report section discussing how our Sonosculpt procedure is spinal fusion avoidance. View the Special Report  

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