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Misonix, Inc., an international ultrasonic surgical device company, announced a partnership with SonoSpine®, LLC, a neurosurgical practice specializing in ultrasonic spine surgery. Misonix, Inc. manufactures and markets innovative therapies for ultrasonic spine surgery, neurosurgery, and other surgical specialties.

Dr. Dilantha Ellegala, founder and Surgeon in Chief at SonoSpine®, welcomes the opportunity to advance ultrasonic technologies involved in complex spine surgery and neurosurgery. He stated the following:

“Innovation is the key driver in improving patient outcomes. We are proud to collaborate with Misonix as we continue to develop and implement ultrasonic surgical tools and techniques for the spine which dramatically improve patient outcomes.”

The collaboration will allow engineering of next generation ultrasonic devices from the surgeon’s perspective, ultimately widening the scope of ultrasonic surgical therapies and improving patient care.

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