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What is Torn Disc ?

Also known as a ruptured, herniated or slipped disc, a torn disc is a condition in which the outer layer of one of the spinal discs that cushion vertebrae develops a tear. In some cases, this rupture allows the gel-like center of that disc to leak out.

Symptoms of a torn disc include:

  • Pain in the neck or back
  • Weakness
  • Numbness
  • Tingling sensation
  • Muscle cramping or spasms

The area of the body in which symptoms manifest themselves depends on the location of the torn disc. For example, a torn disc in the lumbar (lower) spine, which includes the L1 to L5 vertebrae, might result in symptoms experienced in the lower back, buttocks, legs and feet.

These symptoms are possible because the nerve roots in the lumbar spine are responsible for transmitting signals to the lower extremities, and a disc that tears near those nerve roots could pinch them, causing discomfort.

Torn Disc

What Are The Causes Of Torn Disc?

  • Sports injury. Even seemingly harmless motions such as running or swinging a golf club can wear on spinal discs, weakening them over time and making them more likely to tear. Rough sports like rugby and football can worsen this strain on the spine.
  • Car accident. During a physically traumatic event such as a car accident, the spine can be impacted to the point that spinal discs are stretched beyond capacity, and this pressure can be severe enough to make even a healthy disc rupture.
  • Age-related degeneration. As we get older, the spinal discs begin to lose water and become more brittle, making them more prone to cracking and splitting.

Am I the right patient for Torn Disc Treatment?

If you have a torn disc, call us about the SonoSpine Procedure.

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