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Who is a Candidate for Outpatient Spine Surgery?

There is a common theme among individuals living with chronic back pain: “I want my life back.” SonoSpine® surgeons hear it over and over. These individuals are desperate to get better and live without pain.

The good news is SonoSpine® is not your father’s back surgery. No long gashes. No lengthy hospital stays. Most importantly, long-term pain relief.

Outpatient Surgery

Because SonoSpine® ultrasonic spine surgery is performed in outpatient surgery centers, patients go home the same day. We view surgery as the last option, but for individuals that have experienced failed back surgeries, significant disease or degeneration of the spine or long-lasting pain, Sonospine® is the premier option in world-class spine surgery.

Patients with multiple medical problems, such as heart conditions or irregular bleeding, are not candidates for outpatient surgery because they require additional monitoring in a hospital setting.

Choosing SonoSpine®

Simply put, outpatient surgery with SonoSpine® is the right option for an individual that wants a cure rather than live with a chronic disease. Sonospine® exists for one purpose: to give people their lives back.

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